We offer a 24/7 dispatch line to service any afterhours issues, concerns or questions that may arise.

At Spartan Logistics we value our carriers and do everything in our power to make sure they’re treated with the utmost respect throughout the life of a load. We work with a qualified carrier network and are continuously looking to expand it. Our team works on building upon existing relationships and forming new ones with carriers of all shapes and sizes. Together, we ensure our customers’ loads are being picked up, transported, and delivered in the safest and timeliest of manners.

Carrier Payment

Our agreement with our contracted carriers is to pay within 30 business days of receiving all necessary paperwork (BOL, POD, invoice, accessorial receipts, etc.). We also offer a QuickPay option, in which carriers will be paid within 3 business days with an additional 4.5% charge. This is offered via ACH Direct Deposit and requires a voided check to be submitted.

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Request Carrier Packet

If you meet Spartan’s carrier compliance requirements you will be contacted and sent a carrier setup packet.


“I love working with Spartan Logistics, they’re very professional, friendly and know how to take care of their carriers!“
– David Colunga From New Empire Transportation

“We’ve booked over a hundred loads with Spartan Logistics over the past year and a half, easy to deal with.”
Darren Weaver, Van Dispatch, Zimmerman Truck Lines


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